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December 2016


Kingsmen at the Show!

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Back in September, our small crew took a trip down to south Texas.  Here is a very quick mention of the experience.

We were honored for Kingsmen to be selected for the Intel Developer Showcase at the Austin Game Conference. We got to present the game at the showcase and demonstrate it on the exhibition floor in the Intel booth. It was an amazing and intense experience. We learned a great deal and got some excellent feedback.

We were a bit worried. This was the first time that anyone outside the company really had an opportunity to actually take the controls at the game. And we had rushed to make it ready – while we’re closing in on finishing our first demo stage but we had not anticipated the showcase. And there is always the desire to fix just one more little bug, polish one more facet, etc.

The response was excellent and really helped our confidence. After a while on a project, all the people working on it see are the flaws, and so they get magnified in the mind.

I want to personally thank the Intel Achievement Unlocked crew who were all extremely helpful and supportive: Randi Rost, Cindi Wiggin, Stephanie Balicki,  Landyn Pethrus, Sierra Reid, Josh Bancroft, and Phil (who’s last name I’ve misplaced) all made it a very rewarding experience.

Epic Games was also at the conference, which allowed us a chance to talk to one of there technical artists to get some valuable insight on making our skeletal animations much more efficient.

Kingsmen live demo

Answering questions for some players.

Kingsmen at Intel booth

Curtis and Bloo at the Intel booth.


SMG at the Intel Developer Showcase