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By August 12, 2016Kingsmen

Hi there future Liege!

Holy hell it’s hot!  I love Texas but getting used to the summer heat…well that’s another story.

I wanted to do another update of what’s been going on since we launched the new website.
Work continues, as always, on Kingsmen.  It’s coming together rather nicely.  A lot of the major systems are in the game and working.  We still have some minor bugs and a few more major systems to add like Fog-of-War and the customization system, but as of today the game is playable from client launch to finish of 2nd story mission.

August is not only hot temperature-wise but all the guys are feeling the heat to get our latest alpha build polished up for the Austin Game Developers Conference in September.

Here is a bullet list (because who doesn’t like bullet lists) of some of the things we are trying to wrap up:

  • Title cards
  • Opening storybook cinematic
  • Base UI polish (strategy layer)
  • Mission HUD polish (tactics interface)
  • Our 3rd playable map
  • Village map polish
  • Sacred Grove map polish
  • Voice-over work for female unit “barks” and storybook narration
  • Unit (both player and A.I.) additional animation sequences and animation blueprint work:
    • Jump down sequences
    • Specialty combat sequences
    • Action camera animations
    • State machine work for crouching, cowering and cover

Our relatively small team means that we will be nose-down busy for the entire month.  Alan will continue to keep everyone updated on things we are doing, our progress, as well as some screenshots and short videos of Kingsmen.   If you like what you see, please share with other like-minded individuals and make it known that someone IS working on a medieval turn-based tactics game with a strategic base layer.

We really feel this is something tactics-based players will enjoy and we need to raise more awareness of its pending existence.

You can also follow us on Twitter @stealthmodegame.

Like us on Facebook here.

Below are some concept pieces of one of our Shattered God minions, altered human fighters known only as Earth Elementals.  I’m also including a couple of in-game screenshots.



Screenshots from latest alpha build:




Thank you for being a fan of Kingsmen!

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