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Watchtowers and Regions

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People ask me all the time, “Hey, Bloo! How do these Regions and Watchtowers and the Castle work? What’s up with them? Bloo? Stop playing Overwatch and answer me!”

To which I say, “PLAY OF THE G– err, right. About OverWatch Towers. I mean Watchtowers . . .”


In the world of the Kingsmen, you rule from your Castle, which is basically your capitol, or capitol region. It is surrounded by other regions, which are part of your realm, but they are not as well developed. Each region pays taxes. The happier they are with you, the more taxes they will pay. The biggest thing you can do to improve your reputation with a region is to build a Watchtower within it.

A watchtower is like a small castle and helps defend the region. Each watchtower can house one patrol of soldiers. Patrols stationed in a watchtower will be closer and therefore quicker to respond to missions that occur within that region. Otherwise, your patrols would have to come from the main Castle, or even a watchtower in another region, and might not be able to get to the mission in time.



Many missions will have a time limit. If you don’t start the mission in time, you lose it. For instance, you might have 3 days to send a patrol to the defense of the Sacred Grove. If you don’t send a patrol in time, because you’re waiting for a soldier to be healthy, or for construction of a new weapon to finish, or whatever, that mission will fail and the enemy will have the Sacred Grove. That will then decrease your reputation within that region, and reduce your taxes from that region.

“If the watchtower is like a small castle, does that mean it can be attacked by the enemy?” you might ask, if you are the type of person to ask questions. Yes. Yes it can. “What happens if the watchtower is lost?”

Bad things.