About the Game

By March 23, 2016Kingsmen

A ruler’s first, and most important, task is to protect the Kingdom, its territories, and its people. To do this the player will recruit, train, and equip elite soldiers of the realm known as Kingsmen. Next comes organizing them into squads and commanding them in battle against the enemies of the Kingdom. That’s why we are creating a visually dynamic and exciting cinematic experience for the tactical combat portion of the game. It’s very important to us that our combat is visually engaging. We want each savage strike, every arrow to the knee, to convey a sense of dynamic action and motion.

Along side these martial responsibilities the player must also manage and maintain their Castle and territories by constructing and upgrading essential facilities, building remote watchtowers, garrisoning them with troops, establishing a more permanent presence in a region, and collecting taxes to pay for it all.

Capture the joy that comes from elevating a lowly recruit whose name and look you choose, and keeping them alive to the heights of rank battling on the front lines over many missions. Endure the bittersweet sorrow of a favorite trooper lost in noble sacrifice to complete the mission.

As ruler and tactical leader, you will face hard choices that affect your troop makeup along the way.

Who will fight for you? Who will take up arms against your endeavor?

Your choices will make each and every playthrough new and exciting!

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