Introducing the Ranger Class

By March 20, 2016Kingsmen

This updates concludes the introductions of our playable units in Kingsmen. It’s important to note that these updates have only showed off the base Tier of these classes. During the course of Kingsmen, you will be able to level and gain rank with your small army of units, unlocking opportunities to upgrade their abilities and equipment. You will also be able to customize your units by swapping heads, hair, certain colors, voices, helmets, and other things. Armor changes are also an option once the different tiers are unlocked through your base’s blacksmith facility.


Since the fall of Shattered God’s empire, some have refused to accept the rule of anyone but themselves and have settled in the eastern frontier. But many dangers are greater than any one independent village or family holding can face. From the Wild Woods to the Twilight Grove, the Rangers protect them and other travelers from those dangers.

Families of these frontier lands often pledge one of their children into the service of the Rangers. This is considered a high honor. These infants are pledged in the ceremonial Ritual of Joining in which a new tree is planted. Now pledged these ‘Seeds’ return to their homes until their 13th year when they become ‘Saplings’. Thus adopted into their new family, they begin the years of training required to become a Ranger.

Rangers learn to move freely and quickly through woods, discover both hazards and benefits of the forests invisible to others, and the ways of the creatures of the forest. Many become masters of the longbow.




From the very start of the design process we wanted our Ranger class to be a factional choice. The Rangers of the Wild Wood resemble more of the Tolkien rangers than the D&D rangers. Gameplay mechanics allow the Rangers to move a little faster, dodge a bit quicker and survey the battlefield a bit better then most of the other classes. With the ability to unlock skills that allow the Ranger to increase movement range, use the legendary longbow to increase their maximum weapon range, and abilities that allow them to unveil parts of the battlefield that are only accessible through the air, the Rangers can be a formidable addition to a players pool of warriors. With these benefits come some drawbacks however. They are not the best in melee and can be a little squishy.





Below are a couple of renders and in-game pre-alpha shots of our Rangers in the tutorial map. Still lots of polish to be done but we are pleased with what we have cooking.








In the coming weeks and months, we will be sharing more gameplay footage, more development screenshots of the maps that will be in our demo (alpha version), UI designs, and other goodies.

We are really excited about sharing all of the stuff we have been working on and hope to get you all excited about seeing the finished project. Our future plans might include a Kickstarter campaign to get us to the finished line but an early access opportunity on Steam has also been talked about.

If what you have been seeing so far interests you, please follow us on Facebook and Twitter and spread the word.



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