Introducing the Rogue Class

By March 13, 2016Kingsmen
Rogue concepts

In today’s update we are featuring the Rogue faction class in Kingsmen. We still have the Barbarians and Rangers to show you over the course of the next month so make sure you bookmark us here, follow us on Twitter and Like us on Facebook so you’ll know when the updates are coming.

Our milestone build is coming along nicely. The UI functionality is starting to come together and new maps are in the planning and testing phases at varying levels. We are really excited about the prospect of showing folks what we have been working on for over a year and equally excited about moving into a full internal test phase, ironing out game play mechanics, polishing up the visuals, making the game more fun and eventually getting more of you playing around with what we have.Rogue BannerThe Rogues are members of the Riverlords, an extensive trading guild that dominates trade along the Soundless River, the lifeblood of commerce between capital and coast. They own most of the barges, docks, and warehouses along the Soundless and its major tributaries. If it moves along the rivers, these Rogues get paid. In exchange, they offer protection, security, and insurance. But they take swift and brutal action against bandits foolish enough to raid in Riverlords territory, as well as against independent rivals who offer too much competition. Their family leaders are the driving forces behind the growth of many cities and expansion of development further into the wilds, which has led to some unfortunate misunderstandings with the Rangers and other neighbors.

Trade Moves, Money Flows, Trouble Sinks.



We wanted our Rogues to be recognizable to folks familiar with tradional RPG games but our Rogues play an integral part in the story of the Kingsmen. They control the trade within the region and they have influence on revenue for the player, if the player so chooses.

We went for the dashing, “bad boys” (and girls too) look and feel for the Rogues. Dark and mysterious, with stealth and underworld talents at their disposal, we wanted to make them a valuable asset to any patrols that a player might set up.

Agile from a life travelling aboard ships, barges, and on slippery docks and back alleys, the hands of the Riverlords provide protection, intelligence, and, when necessary, retribution – sometimes preemptively. Rogues rely on quick, precise attacks to inflict critical strikes on their opponents. They utilize stealth and speed to compensate for their lack of heavy armor protection. Travel light and strike fast are the orders of the day. Oh, and poison, they love poison. Rogues, right? What are ya gonna do?








Below are a few in-game and in-editor screenshots of the Rogue. It is important to note that  these are shots and models of of the basic Rogue playable unit. As you progress through the game, you’ll have the opportunity to upgrade your facilities which in turn allows you to upgrade armor and the look of your playable units. Armor elements will include pauldrons, bracers/gloves, greaves/boots and even chest pieces in some cases. All units will have the opportunity to sport a helmet of varying designs if the player so chooses.







Well that wraps up this class update on the Rogues. Hope you enjoyed it and tell your friends about what we have going on for “Kingsmen”. Next class featured will be the Barbarians…a brutal bunch. After that, we have just the Rangers to feature. Before that, we should be releasing an official piece of news in regards to Kingsmen, letting the game community know about our turn-based tactical medieval-based goodness.


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