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Introducing the Barbarian Class

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Only two more class reveals left. We’ve been nose-down, working on the game but still enjoy bringing you these class reveals. Today, we present the Barbarian faction class.

Before we dive into this ferocious tribal faction, we would like to thank everyone for all of the support so far. We will do a press release soon, but in the meantime, we would appreciate telling your friends about Kingsmen; a turn-based tactical strategy game coming soon to a PC near you.  Follow us on Twitter and Like us on Facebook…go ahead, we don’t bite….most of the time.





The Crimson steppes and Blackfinger fjords of the northwestern lands are home to the semi-nomadic clans of people who have embraced the terms others use to describe them: Barbarians. Long winters lead to short tempers. With scarce resources to share, they have always battled between each other. Most conflicts get settled through violence giving rise to their savage reputation, even though that violence is often ritualized and may actually minimize bloodshed, sacrificing one or two instead of an entire family or clan.


When the waters of the bay warm enough their boats can cross it, they have raided the south for its cattle, its gold, and sometimes its people. Attacking the pilgrims along Tarshim’s Road was the most profitable for years, until the Knights of Tarshim rose in their defense. Now, only in the most dire of circumstances will the Barbarians raid that far in numbers.

The Barbarian clans have recently united under the leadership of Shanim Marsana naming her Mother of Pain. Little is known of Marsana other than the fanatical devotion of her people. Nor is it known why her people have been raiding south in greater intensity. The winter has been mild, there is no word of drought or plague. Read More

Knight Final Concepts

Introducing the Knight Class

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This week we present the playable unit class: Knight, the second of six class introductions that will highlight all of the units the player will have the opportunity to include in their pool of playable fighters.KNT_BannerThe Sacred Military Order of Tarshim the Great are a monastic organization dedicated to the service of Tarshim – Tarshim the Great, Tarshim the Sunderer, Tarshim the Divider who separated the Earth from the Sky, the Water from the Fire, the Night from the Day, the Summer from the Winter, the Living from the Dead, the Human from the Animal, the Magic from the Mundane. Tarshim the Hero who shattered Kan’Seht the Binder and unchained the world

The Knights of Tarshim guard several holy sites through the realms but primarily Tarshim’s Road, which is traveled by devout pilgrims who visit the Shrine of the Great Ravine. Legend has it that Tarshim defeated Kan’Seht on the now severed bridge over the ravine. They stand ready to fight the evil servants of Kan’Seht, often referred to as the Cult of the Shattered God, who seek to assimilate all the people of the realms into the service of their fallen lord. But they most often defend Tarshim’s Road and the region from raiding Barbarians who plunder the fertile lands and pilgrims.

The Knights are melee combat specialists, they can wield either sword and shield, as the Kingsmen can, or great two-handed swords, which no other class can use. Additionally, they can upgrade their shield to a Tower shield. They are also skilled at inspiring and rallying their comrades in battle. Read More