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By January 1, 2016Kingsmen
Detailed Kingsmen concepts

Our web update today will kick-off the start of our class reveals for Kingsmen. Over the course of the next few months, we will be highlighting the player unit classes in the game. We are eager to show off what we have been working on over the last year. Our plan is to be out of pre-alpha by the first of July and start showing off more and more gameplay through this site, and our social media avenues. So keep us tuned in, not only here, but with our Twitter account, and Facebook page. Lots of neat things coming.

This week we start the reveals with the backbone of the realm – the Kingsmen Class.Kingsmen BannerKingsmen are the most loyal soldiers, direct servants of the ruler. They have no allegiance or fealty to intermediary lords. They are an elite force investigating dangers and executing the ruler’s desires. As a clear indication of where their loyalties are, the Kingsmen wear the ruler’s colors.

Kingsmen come from every walk of life, their chief requirement is selfless devotion to the kingdom and combat ability. In combat, they are generalists fighting with sword and shield or bow. They must be prepared for almost anything. Although other factions and classes such as Knights and Rangers may also serve, Kingsmen are uniquely empowered to lead patrols dispatched by the ruler.

Kingsmen travel the whole realm to protect it from various threats, whether it be Barbarian raids from the North, breaking up Riverlord gangs in the South, working along side the Knights of Tarshim or keeping the peace between the Rangers of the Wildwood and villagers.

In any crisis, the Kingsmen are the First In, and the Last Standing.



Since the beginning of development, we’ve had a pretty good idea of what the actual Kingsmen would look like. They had to look military, but not knightly (we have another player unit class for those). So we cracked the books, “Ok Google”‘d and found some things that seemed to show to up on a regular basis. Granted, Kingsmen is not meant to be historically accurate, but we did want the feel of a medieval time and place. We commenced to sketching out what we wanted to see . . . sketched some more . . . and even sketched some more. Below you can see our progression of doodles and loose concepts. These by no means represent every piece of art we have produced for this class concept, but there are enough here to give you an idea of how we inched our way to what we have now. If you look closely, I bet you can find something in common with all of them . . . chainmail. Love it.


Early Kingsmen sketches

Early Kingsmen sketches

So those are very early doodles and half done sketches. We have a whole wall full of them, these are a very small sample. We started leaning towards what we have now, and here are a couple of examples that illustrate that.

More early sketches

As you can see, we wanted the tabard. Players will be able to customize their realm’s sigil and colors and we wanted the Kingsmen, the leaders of the patrols, to be able to wear that symbol. Also included in these are ideas for armor pieces that players will be able to outfit their units with, provided they do the research, pay the gold and have their blacksmith make it for them.




Now that we had a really good idea of what we wanted we moved on to 3D. This part hurt me a little, because with my multiple years of experience in 3D modeling, I really wanted to work on the player units. But with all of the added tasks of a project manager, I just wouldn’t have the time so I agreed with the mutual decision to get another artist on board and he started on our units.

Unfortunately, our first character artist had to leave us early on but before he did, he left us with our first iteration of a Kingsman:


We rolled along with development of game design and the implementation of game systems with K1 (our first model). Using him to test and retest things such as line-of-sight, cover, etc., but we got to a point that we knew we had to make a change. Although he was our first, we had to revamp for the sake of consistency. So we finalized our concepts for both the male and female Kingsman class and got to work.


The top image above is our final concepts for the recruit level of the Kingsman Class.

As players progress through the game, they will have the opportunity to research, craft and equip their Kingsmen (and any other playable units) with various armor pieces.


Above are work-in-progress shots of both the male and female recruit Kingsman: high-poly sculpt (untextured above left) and low-poly (textured above right). They are missing heads because those will be another customizable option for the player.




Below we have some shots of the new meshes in the game – ‘in-editor’ shots really. We are really excited about all of the new skeletal meshes and look forward to sharing them with you in the weeks to come. Next up will be the Knight Class.

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Thanks again for taking the time and checking out what we have going on.ingameFemale


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