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Detailed Kingsmen concepts

Introducing the Kingsmen

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Our web update today will kick-off the start of our class reveals for Kingsmen. Over the course of the next few months, we will be highlighting the player unit classes in the game. We are eager to show off what we have been working on over the last year. Our plan is to be out of pre-alpha by the first of July and start showing off more and more gameplay through this site, and our social media avenues. So keep us tuned in, not only here, but with our Twitter account, and Facebook page. Lots of neat things coming.

This week we start the reveals with the backbone of the realm – the Kingsmen Class.Kingsmen BannerKingsmen are the most loyal soldiers, direct servants of the ruler. They have no allegiance or fealty to intermediary lords. They are an elite force investigating dangers and executing the ruler’s desires. As a clear indication of where their loyalties are, the Kingsmen wear the ruler’s colors.

Kingsmen come from every walk of life, their chief requirement is selfless devotion to the kingdom and combat ability. In combat, they are generalists fighting with sword and shield or bow. They must be prepared for almost anything. Although other factions and classes such as Knights and Rangers may also serve, Kingsmen are uniquely empowered to lead patrols dispatched by the ruler.

Kingsmen travel the whole realm to protect it from various threats, whether it be Barbarian raids from the North, breaking up Riverlord gangs in the South, working along side the Knights of Tarshim or keeping the peace between the Rangers of the Wildwood and villagers.

In any crisis, the Kingsmen are the First In, and the Last Standing. Read More